Helix Design System

Unipro / Pfizer
Technical Lead
Feb 2020 - Present
Technologies used
StencilJS Web Components, Storybook, Zeroheight, Zeplin
An example site built with helix
An example site built with Helix components

The Helix Design System is an open source design system created by Pfizer. Traditionally Pfizer, like many other large companies which have many brands under their umbrella, seek to unite the design philosophy and simplify the development of their websites and applications.

My role, as technical lead was to guide the development of the software and the team so that the library of components was useful practically so that it could be used to power hundreds of websites across multiple brands.

Leading a small team, and managing an open library with dozens of contributors from around the company we achieved success in launching over 85 websites that used the component library.