What am I doing nowadays?

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Last updated 8th July 2024


Manchester, UK

What projects am I working on?

Still working on Really Focussed but most of my projects are taking a back seat right now because of client work.

In addition I'm working for Pfizer for a few hours a week consulting.

Am I looking for more work?

Nope! I'm booked solid for the next 3 months at least. However, I'm always happy to chat about future work.

Technical focus

I'm currently focussed on Design Systems and LLMs.

What software / hardware are you using?

I'm on a fancy new framework 16 that I've put in 32GB of RAM with the AMD GPU Module.

My current IDE is Neovim with the Lazyvim template

I develop in either PopOS, MacOS or Windows with WSL2.


Violin is going great! I'm really enjoying it. I'm thinking of going back to Spanish lessons soon too.

Books and TV Shows

I'm on the last book of a song of ice and fire series. It's much better than the previous one which was a tad boring. I have just finished book yourself solid by Michael Port which was a great read. I am thinking of starting three body problem next.