The SS Beagle!

Never really thought of a life on water

For the past ten years or so my dad has always wanted a narrow boat. He'd often mention eBay auctions that have eluded him or boats that he could get but were so far away it wasn't feasible. Last week the sun was absolutely beating it down. It reached almost 32°C! He'd been observing a boat that was up for auction that had about 2 days left in leafy Burscough in Merseyside.

He's always avoided actually going down to see a boat because it meant that he was potentially creating a disappointment for himself. However, it was such an incalculably delightful day that if nothing else we'd have a great day out. So we both set off to Burscough with the idea that we'd meet in the middle to see it together.

34ft long, the boat was in really good condition—despite the fact that the engine was made just as Margaret Thatcher was in her first year of her premiership, it was in remarkably good condition. The former owner showed us around and seemed somewhat reluctant to sell. He had a Romanian rescue dog onboard with him and I knew at once that this actually could be a fantastic family getaway for us and our pet beagles.

Delighted with the boat we parted ways with the owner and proceded to the local pub for a pint of Guinness and to mull over the decision. I was certain that this was something that would be a great addition, especially considering the restrictions imposed upon us by the current health crisis which means that holidaying at home might be the norm for quite sometime.

Also, I have what most people would describe as a rather stressful job. Working with a truly international team means that it's extremely difficult to switch off and the boat might just be the ticket for that.

Furthermore, and somewhat sadly if my Dad didn't get the boat now when he's in great health then he might not be able to enjoy it as thoroughly in the future. Therefore I decided that come what may (terms and conditions apply) we are getting that boat.

And so we did. And so starts the endless youtube video watching about how to take best advantage of the narrowboat; maintenance tips and guides on boat life.

All in all I think I have a very happy papa now. Expect more blogs from the boat. Naturally it's going to be called The Beagle.

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